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Participants of the 2010 Florida Energy Summit,
Citizens for Clean Energy thanks you for attending the Florida Energy Summit on July 8th. A crowd of over 300 citizens gathered in Orlando to show their enthusiasm and commitment to a renewable energy future for our state, including policy makers, small business owners, environmentalists, academics, and other concerned individuals, providing an educational forum for an exchange of ideas and concerns.

While many Floridians were able to ask questions during the live event, we also received some questions that were unanswered due to time constraints. To keep the conversation going, Citizens for Clean Energy will post answers to those questions on our website in the coming days.

We at Citizens for Clean Energy are interested in your feedback on the Summit and the direction you’d like to see Florida take on energy policy. We will continue this dialog with the people of Florida and our policy makers to make sure an educated voice of Floridians is heard.

Thank you again for your participation in the Summit. We are excited about our progress to date and hope you will continue to participate in Citizens for Clean Energy. We invite you to follow us on Twitter and friend us on Facebook at and please contact us directly any time at

With Personal Regards,
Citizens for Clean Energy

2010 Florida Energy Summit Photos

2010 Florida Energy Summit Video By University of Central Florida

Citizens for Clean Energy is a coalition of leaders, organizations, and concerned Americans committed to supporting education and public policy change that advance clean energy jobs and technologies to improve both our economy and our environment.  The members of this 501(c)(6) include businesses, public-sector organizations, community and advocacy groups, and individual citizens committed to a future free from foreign oil and the cloud of environmental damage.  We support new jobs, new technologies, and clean energy to fuel a brighter, more prosperous tomorrow – one that fuels our productivity while protecting our precious natural resources across America.

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